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Three Suzhou embroidery enterprises became the first batch of enterprises to obtain pure manual Suzh

发布时间:2021-05-13 16:02:41

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In order to support the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, Suzhou started the quality certification of pure hand-made Suzhou embroidery. Recently, Suzhou guwu xiuhuang Crafts Co., Ltd., Suzhou Yunfan embroidery crafts Co., Ltd. and Suzhou miwei culture and Art Co., Ltd. have become the first batch of enterprises to obtain certification. With the combination of traditional techniques and modern science and technology, many works made with basic embroidery techniques can be finished in batches by machines. For ordinary consumers, it is difficult to distinguish between hand embroidered works and machine embroidered products. For embroidery practitioners, the fierce human-computer competition casts a shadow on their career prospects.

In order to implement the document requirements of the municipal government, the leading group for the revitalization and development of Suzhou traditional crafts started the quality certification of pure hand-made Suzhou embroidery. Lu Wei, director of the Certification Department of Suzhou Fiber Inspection Institute, an institution directly under Suzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau, said that if a Suzhou embroidery enterprise wants to obtain the certification, it must first pass the pure manual level. Lu Wei said that according to the relevant requirements, pure hand-made Suzhou embroidery products must not be machine-made products, not even machine-made products. In order to verify the hand-made process, certification rules require enterprises to provide embroidery videos of typical products. Lu Wei said that the producers of the products will record the videos 5 minutes after the embroidery and 10 minutes before the end of the embroidery every day. Later, the certification authority will use technical means to process the videos and compare them with the final works. After confirmation, the authenticity of pure handmade can be determined.

In addition to the video, related products have to go through a series of sampling tests, such as raw material purchase verification, finished product inspection, etc. Declaration enterprises should also establish a factory quality assurance system to ensure the consistency of products. After passing the four certification links of "factory inspection + Inspection + sampling inspection + supervision after certification", the enterprise can obtain product certification, which is valid for three years.

What are the benefits of a certification to an enterprise? Maybe we can find some inspiration from other types of enterprises“ At the beginning of 2020, our physical stores will be closed for two months, and the offline sales will be zero. " Zhou Jiayuan, chairman of Suzhou Ciyun silk products Co., Ltd., said that compared with the cliff like decline of offline store sales, online sales increased instead of falling. Investigation of the reasons for the rise in sales found that a large part of the reason is related to the enterprise has obtained Suzhou silk quality certification“ Every product has a certification mark, and consumers can see that the quality of the product is guaranteed. " Zhou Jiayuan said.

As the "second generation" of embroidery, Zhang Xue, the xiulang of "Xue's Embroidery" in Zhenhu, believes that the certification is conducive to further standardizing the consumer market, allowing consumers to consume clearly, and protecting the practitioners of pure manual Suzhou embroidery“ Certification is the recognition of craftsmen, and also allows the value of pure handmade products to be truly reflected. " Zhang Xue said that pure manual certification can not only avoid products with the same price and different quality, but also let practitioners recognize the future value of pure manual Suzhou embroidery.

"Let the pure manual practitioners to study and inherit the traditional skills, and let the manual embroidery restore its due value." Wei Feng, deputy director of the municipal market supervision bureau, said that the market supervision department will help the high-quality development of traditional crafts scientifically and effectively by regulating the market and guiding innovation.