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The international influence of independent brands in China's textile and garment industry is constan

发布时间:2021-05-13 15:52:17

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"The awakening of China's modern brand awareness is highly related to the development of the textile and garment industry, and the establishment of the global influence of Chinese brands is highly related to the prosperity of textile and garment brands." Recently, sun Ruizhe, chairman of the International Federation of textile manufacturers and President of the China Textile Industry Federation, said at the "2021 China Brand Development International Forum - sub Forum on brand building of the textile and garment industry" that brand is a highly condensed and comprehensive presentation of technological innovation, cultural creativity, manufacturing capacity and social reputation, and an important core to promote resource circulation and value conversion, It is an important carrier to realize consumption upgrading and industrial upgrading.

Sun Ruizhe also said that over the years, the textile and garment industry has continued to improve its brand cultivation and promotion system, and the market awareness and international influence of its own brands have been continuously improved. The industry has formed a vivid situation of collaborative development of manufacturing brands, consumer brands and regional brands. As the first echelon of China's manufacturing industry into the powerful country array, the textile and garment industry is the vanguard of stabilizing employment, protecting people's livelihood and promoting development. It is also the pioneer of realizing the transformation from made in China to created in China, from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands.

Under the new situation, in order to achieve high-quality development, industry brands need to keep pace with the times, adapt to changes and promote systematically. In this regard, he put forward three suggestions.

First, based on product quality, we should systematically improve supply capacity. In the final analysis, the vitality of a brand lies in its product strength. We should promote the integration of technology and fashion, and constantly consolidate the foundation of brand value. Strengthen the innovation and application of new technology, new materials and new technology, and constantly improve the function and quality of products; Strengthen the innovative application of Chinese excellent culture and global trend culture in product design and terminal image, establish product style and form brand aesthetics; We should carry out in-depth research on consumer market and lifestyle to improve the matching degree of brand for consumer demand; Speed up the cultivation of "Guochao" brand and other independent brands.

The second is to focus on ecological construction and improve the development mode systematically. Continuously improve the brand ecology of manufacturing brand, consumer brand and regional brand, and promote the systematic evaluation of brand value. Starting from fiber materials, relying on high-quality origin and profound cultural heritage, we will create ecological and regional brand advantages. We should embrace the digital economy, accelerate the digital transformation, promote the renewal and reconstruction of traditional brands, and help the derivation and rise of new brands. Develop new carriers such as platform brand and Internet red brand. Strengthen the systematic support of capital for brands, and accelerate the formation of an intensive and international brand pattern.

The third is to take responsibility development as the core and systematically promote the introduction of ideas. The value concept of good is the foundation of brand sustainable development. It is necessary to integrate the universal values into the brand building systematically and finely, so as to enhance consumers' recognition of the brand. Adhere to the people-oriented principle, and take meeting the people's needs for a better life as the starting point and foothold of brand building; Adhere to green development and incorporate the requirement of carbon peak and carbon neutralization into brand strategy and product life cycle management; Adhere to fair market, respect innovation, honesty and win-win cooperation as an important direction of brand building.